Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mini Vaca with Baba

Back in February Kent took the oldest two out to Tucson for the gem and mineral show.  Now that they have a little more spending money Bud was super excited to save up and by some green quartz to add to his growing collection.  Bug wanted to start a collection too so it seemed the perfect get away for the three of them.

Our old friends from back in our Albuquerque days live there and we were so grateful to took them in since the hotel Kent had booked was less than desirable.  From what I gather Bug found a soulmate in their youngest daughter and they made all sorts of jewelry from what nature could provide!

Despite how the years have passed we're so grateful to have these friends.  Really their more like soulmates!

Later that same month they headed out to the Petrified Forest on of the requested trips at Christmas.  It was perfect how it was along the way to visiting some dear friends, the Buschs up in Snowflake.  They graciously took them in and   Bug got to love on a their three legged dog Buster, be big sis to their darling daughter and Bud could roam and dig to his heart's content.  Childhood really should be spend outside as much as possible, learning and growing through interacting with our beautiful God given gift of a world.

In between all the fun play they went to fascinating shops they could have spent FOREVER in, seeing the sights, and even working through an educational program to earn their junior park ranger badges!

If we had hundreds of dollars to spend on such beautiful objects!

Bug's favorite!  Also extremely pricey.

Bud trying to get a measure of the circumference of the long gone stny  trunks.

Picture curtesy of Bug.

The look so grown up here!  Below they tried to capture the beauty of the crystals contained in the petrefied wood.  It's really amazing to think of all the minerals and chemical make up to create the stunning colors and crystals they saw.

Being from Phoenix we have a strange fascination with snow as this magically element that transforms the environment and makes for such amazing fun.  As adults we forget how much entertainment this can be but Kent obliged with a drive up into the mountains to play with the little left on the ground.

Good memories, good fun!

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