Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Hiking We Will Go!

With Kent's new calling as Scoutmaster, we're starting to learn quickly about all the natural recreation areas around us and endeavoring to give our little children a taste of it so hopefully they grow to love it. Last weekend Kent took the Scouts out to the White Tank mountains and they took a one mile hike up to a waterfall. It seemed doable with 2 young children so we took off early this morning to go.

I grew up in Calgary Alberta at the base of the Rocky Mountains so I had to chuckle as Isaac pointed to the scrubby hills and said, "Whoa, big mountain!" The water fall more of a steady trickle, but rather impressive when one considers that it's in the middle of a desert. Isaac tuckered out rather quickly but he enjoyed throwing rocks into the water and eating his chocolate muffin that I made for the trip. I kept trying to bribe him to walk by telling him the muffin would taste better once he got to the end!

The little ones on the onset of the journey.

THIS is a waterfall in Arizona!

Keila, the little stinker, wouldn't sleep on the way out until the 5 minutes just before we parked for the hike. She was a little fussy but eventually learned to conk out in the carrier.

Despite having some growing pains in his legs lately, he was a trooper and seemed to have fun.


  1. you need a bakpack for your little girl. It is much easier to carry baby and go to hike I noticed.

  2. Wow. I miss Arizona sometimes, but I forget what a desert is like. There are waterfalls all over this island.

    WV - leoliber - N: a word used to describe a fanatic who travels from zoo to zoo, freeing lions.