Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Little Old Man

One of the ladies at church is always amazed at how verbal Isaac is. She says he sound like a little old man and he does! Somehow he picks it up from everything and anything around him. For example, today we ate strawberries and whip cream on angel food cake. Amids all the yummy and 'hmmm'ing, Isaac stopped to say, "Tastes just like a dream!" Kent was shocked and I had to laugh. It comes from a book called 'Whopper Cake' and I always read it with a cowboy accent. What would be truly funny is if Isaac adopted that accent as well!

At night, as a delay tactic, he's sure to ask Kent to "So, tell me about your day!" and sigh deeply when asked about what he did and reply with, "Wellllllll was okay." While walking he point out a curb and say, "Watch out! Be careful and don't trip!" I wonder where all those phrases come from? ;0)

We've borrowed a few videos from the library and from it is born a love of Diego, an animal rescuer with a rescue pack that can produce anything from a coat to a hand glider. (On a side note, as I mother, I would LOVE something like that! The ultimate purse!) He's always wearing his imaginary rescue pack watching out for rock slides and saving deer. While at a Kid to Kid the other day, Isaac was playing with a little girl who was a year older but about an inch shorter that my son. At some point I found him wrestling with her on the floor. She was trying hard to get away while still being gentle and Isaac clung to her exclaiming, "I'm rescuing you!" I think he was pretty disappointed that this damsel wasn't in any real distress. When we got ready to go, he asked if he could give her a hug goodbye. She smiled and let him and at the last second he planted a big wet kiss on her lips. Talk about taking advantage of the moment. I'm in deep trouble when he's a teenager!

Here's the little charmer with our neighbor's daughter. He's such social butterfly already and his favorite friends are all girls!

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