Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Immortalizing Memories

We rarely had pictures of our family growing up, a total of 2 that I can recall. It was a shame really. There a certain nostalgic feeling that sweeps over you when you look at pictures from yesteryear. It always generates other feelings and memories that remind you of all the joy that you had - and better yet, the ones you have yet to experience.

I swore that things would be different once I got married, but one small hurdle prevented me from doing so - I HATE pictures of myself! There's too many reasons (both real and not real) that make me shudder when I see a photo of me. It's taken quite a few years to get use to it and look objectively enough to say, "Hey, that's not too bad!"

The work was done by Steve Watson who does this as a side job. He's incredible given it's not his day job and more than anything it felt natural, which meant I didn't end up grimacing in some awful fashion as if I was constipated! ;0) I'm even daring to consider blowing one up this first one to an 11x14.

Someone was a little tired of smiling! Here's to making memories last forever!


  1. those are the sweetest family pics. I love the crying pictures - they're the funnest to look back on for me. You look beautiful.

  2. These pictures are gorgeous. Everyone looks amazing.

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  3. go on, do it! enlarge that beautiful pic of your beautiful family! You'll end up loving it, i know it... besides, you look GREAT! :)

    go steve!

  4. Such nice things you said about Steve and such a beautiful family you are. Sometimes I help with the perfecting of the shots when we get home and we didn't have to this time. You look that good straight out of the camera:)