Friday, February 26, 2010


I am known for my practicality and lack of spontaneity but on the rare occasion (like literally once in a blue moon) I get taken by in by something I'll hold to it like a starved dog to a bone! Shake me all you want, but I ain't lettin' go! Such was the case with the Five Fingered Shoes.

Yeah, yeah, I know toes don't have fingers, but hear me out. Years ago I read an article about a track coach you watched a young woman running barefoot out on the street. He was amazed by her speed and agility and offered as spot on the school team. Unfortunately all practices required shoes and the moment she donned the shoes she lost any of the edge that he saw in her before. The key laid in running barefoot where she felt her toes were able to spread and 'grip' the ground.

Which is the philosophy of these shoes ... well, not quite. But the theory is that our mother nature has given our feet with the ultimate design but our shoes hinder it's performance by adding 'support' in areas that don't really need it when our muscles are simply weak. It's like putting a cast on an area that simply needs mobility to exercise and get stronger. These shoes are designed to do that. They offer little at all in the way of padding, the toes are free to move around much like a baby's is. They fit like skin on your feet with a slightly thicker sole. Really when you think about it humans have been running for thousands of years before shoes.

When a friend showed up at my home with these amazing shoes - I was that hooked dog! I had to check them out and more than anything I had to try them out. It's been amazing the difference I feel in running. I took time to work my muscles up so that I could run in them but now I feel like a fleet footed Pocahontas in Suburbia. They were only $85 and are machine washable! (way to appeal to my practical Asian side!) For more information check out:

These are my newest love!


  1. I have to say. I've seen people wear these and I think they look WEIRD. It's good to know that they're delightful.

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  2. I got some for Christian- Not to run- but to walk around. He always tiptoes and I think has flat feet. I really have no idea if these would help him at all, but I got him some. I have been interested in them also. Cool! -LaReen

  3. These are so cool! I want some, too. How long did it take you to get used to them? Was there any pain involved in the process?

  4. No pain in the process unless you run 3 miles after only wearing them for a day! (hmmm, wonder who that was! Just a little achy when I walked for the first week or two then nothing. I'm running in them every other day until I'm total use to them. Love them though. Not sure about them for flat feet Lareen, better off seeing a pediatrist, but check out the website and send in a question about it.

  5. WHATTTT!?!?!? I HAVE to try these!

  6. Fascinating. The girls told me about them but I had to come see a picture for myself. I'll be interested in your experience over time.