Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We have an ancient 20" TV that was given to me by my parents when I was in college. This relic is so old that it only has a single input and outputs. Through all the residency moves it was nearly replaced twice with the up-to-date flat screens but somehow Kent managed to fix it. With all our friends having larger screens, we began moving our couch closer for movies to produce a similar effect. It doesn't quite do the trick, but when you're cheap and TV is one of the last sources of entertainment that you have time for, you always forgo it in the end. Kent and I are quite accustom to it now, but Isaac has noticed a big difference. The Wizard of Oz on high def is so much more life size, a vibrant green and 'Wonderful' that he gets sucked in completely. It's rather amusing to see.

So when I discovered that PBS hosts a kid show on a movie screen monthly at certain theaters, I thought we'd take the opportunity to try the 'real' experience. We tried explaining that 'Super Why' would be big. "Bigger than our TV?" "Oh, yes! Much bigger." "Bigger than the Abby's TV?" (everything is measured against what the Bakers have) "Yes, even bigger than Abby's TV." He couldn't quite conceptualize it until we walked in and the first commercials came up. His eyes grew to fill his face as I whispered, "Is this big?" He nodded the affirmative as he gripped my arm. It took him a bit to adjust to the disorientation that someone 'sensory deprived' experiences when they've been turned onto full overload but in the end he enjoyed himself.

The stadium seating was spotted with 4 families and a total of 6 kids. It was fun to see Isaac point out the giant alphabet letters, spell words with them out loud, cheer enthusiastically for Super Why and the other heroes as they defeated the Eraser. When it was over he had that 'drunken' effect while walking out. I'm sure it will be a 'big' memory for days to come!

A picture of him using Kent's phone.

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