Friday, February 26, 2010

You Are Asian If ...

You know those old jokes where they list off quirky qualities of a particular group of people, such as You Know You're a Redneck If ... or You Know You're a Teacher When... In college we had a perpetual list for 'You Know You're an Asian If' and I found myself fitting practically all the qualities. Not that I'd want to perpetuate stereotypes, but they do exist for a reason. Classic examples, are: You're An Asian If
you like $1.50 movies.
you like $1.25 movies more than the $1.50 movies.
you read the right column of a menu when ordering. (Hmmm, oh, that's only $4, I'll take that! If you haven't gotten the picture yet, we tend to be extremely frugal (okay, cheap) individuals that thrive on deals. The better the deal, the greater the joy. So the following made my day:

This was a free headboard someone left out. We'd been wanting something for Isaac that had bookshelves. You know me, must be functional and practical! Kent says he's going to try cutting it down to fit a twin bed. As you can see, Isaac happily claimed it for his own and spent hours rearranging books on it.

I don't typically go garage saleing, but this one was just around the corner from me and the kids weren't fussing so I thought I'd just drive by. It's in beautiful condition and only missing the side boards which can easily be replaced. I got the headboard and foot board for $20. You can't even buy wood for that cheap!

Needless to say, I was feeling very happy and very Asian! I've been wanting to furnish our house but to do it inexpensively ... seek and ye shall find!

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