Friday, February 12, 2010

Sick of Being Sick

Everyone talks about how having another child or one that is in nursery or playgroups is a ticket for months of sickness during the winter. I'd heard it tons of times before, but never though of the implications of it - how that means endless days in house suddenly too small for bored, tired, grouchy children, mounting piles of laundry, throw up that goes on FOR-EV-ER, hourly battles about medication, and a mother that's on the verge of being admitted because she's on the edge of insanity. Actually, I take that back, I think I've been there and back several times throughout the day depending on whether they're sleeping or not.

Isaac has pneumonia and I now know why this is such a scary thing in a young child. He was fine up until last Saturday when he began having a tiny cough. I kept him home from church Sunday and then Monday he began having fits of cough, such that he couldn't stop for over an hour. He threw up his breakfast and juice and then had the dry heaves for the remainder of the time such that his lips and fingers were looking blue. I couldn't do a single thing. We managed to calm him down with a warm bath and Kent took him to the ER. The wait was so long that Kent took him home to sleep instead and we went to the Pediatrician. X-rays confirmed everything and they went home with a nebulizer and some antibiotic. For the next 2 days we went back to have them check his oxygen levels and then we were finally done. Isaac was such a trooper and became a 'mini-doctor' in his own right since he became so familiar with all the instruments.

Amid all this Keila had her 6 months shots and was dealing with a cold. If I wasn't holding and comforting one, then I was doing it with the other. We're finally seeing the end of it ... knock on wood - I hope anyhow. Kent just got back from his first Scout campout and they didn't have enough tents so he spent the night out under the stars and woke at 1 am with the dew icing his sleeping bag! Murphy's Law states he'll be the next one to get sick! Prepare for an onslaught of posts as I try and catch up before the next wave of illness hits us!

Here's Isaac playing with and alphabet and number foam puzzle. Our neighbors, the Eriksons were gracious and kind enough to bring over movies and toys that would keep a boy occupied and still enough for the medication to stay in his stomach. I was surprised at how well he knew his letters, better than his numbers!


  1. What a bummer. Even though sickness comes with the territory, what you've experienced is certainly not the norm. Here's to a healthy spring.

  2. Whew! Sounds like a helluva time you've had. I certainly hope it's over and there's only sunshine and rainbows in your future.

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