Saturday, February 20, 2010

Be Mine!

Now that Isaac is older it's fun to prep for the holidays. We take out books from the library and make cards or special treats. He was excited about Valentine's Day and early on we went shopping for a card for Baba. The one he wanted to get was $5 and consisted of a ladybug magnet that opened up to say, "You hold a big spot in my heart". I explained economics as best as you can to a 2 year old (ie, you could buy a lot of candy for $5 if you made the card instead!) and the following was our creation together! The wings even open and close like the one in the store.

Unfortunately due to the pneumonia, Isaac missed all the festivities. It's too bad since he prepared Valentines to hand out that he personally signed 2 weeks in advance. Thankfully a friend of my filled out some Valentines in place of the nursery kids so that Isaac could feel he had a real Valentine's Day.

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