Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

Keila is officially 6 months old and going through clothes like a teenager on the first day of school!She now fits into 9 month clothing and just Isaac sighed a deep sigh today while on the way to Target, "Shopping for Keila ... AGAIN!" I hope this isn't an indication of what lies in the future. Her second tooth also popped in about a week ago and she's finally eating her cereal without the 'tongue thing' going. Mind you, she does like to tease me and push all the food out with a grin and a giggle when she's just bored and full.

Her stats put her back again in the 98 percentile for height (28 inches long) and still in the 50s for weight (14lbs and 11oz). She's a funny girl and we're starting to see some personality. She's calmer than Isaac but when she gets mad, she's flaming mad and will lecture you till she feels satisfied you understand your big offense. It tends to make me laugh and unfortunately this only makes her more upset. She adores Isaac and his every move makes her laugh (well, with the exception of the boinks she gets on her head when he's feeling rather jealous) She can sit up on her own now, but with a lot of complaining, and shows a preference for standing. She still hates tummy time which makes us wonder if she'll be a late crawler, or simply skip the stage and move to walking instead.

She's just such a joy to us and we can hardly believe we've all been together now for 6 months. If time passed quickly with Isaac, it's disappearing all too soon with Keila. Happy Half Birthday my angel heart!

The famous Cheerio making it's first impression on Keila.

What is it about a child playing with her toes that is absolutely so endearing?

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  1. cutest. You are so good at keeping on update. our daughter shi chan is now crawing and little H is having a hard time now. haha. She is fast and ferouse. hahah. I agree with you, it is too fast and I am happy she is growing strong, but it seems little too fast sometime.