Friday, July 30, 2010

Le Sans Souci

We rarely take the counsel given from our church to have a weekly date without our children. Between all the chores at home, Kent with his scoutmaster work and the moments of 'me' time to keep sane, we don't find the time as often as we should. After much juggling of schedules, we finally managed to keep this date to a French restaurant 30 min north up in Cave Creek. Le Sans Souci, french for 'without worries or care' was wonderful and for a few hours, Kent and I were truly without care!

Our time at Epcot in Disney World gave us a hunger for well made French food, so when I saw a deal on for at $25 gift certificate for $2 I had to go for it. Yahoo map took us on a most unusual scenic route through the neighborhood of Cave Creek Town that left us wondering if it was a house hidden in the hills of the area. We enjoyed the drive though and we came around through the back to the main road again to a quaint little brick home converted into this French restaurant for the last 15 years.

The owner, an elderly man in his 70/80's came to greet us which made me feel lack of culture since we'd only really ever dined at chain restaurants or the hole in the wall Chinese places. At those places you were lucky if the waiter absentmindedly asked if you were enjoying your meal.

From the reviews we'd read, I was set on having the orange duck which they fire up right before your eyes. It was wonderful, the flambe gave it a nice crisp skin and it went beautifully with the wild rice and cranberry almonds. Kent had the rack of lamb with this amazing butter tarragon sauce. Even the vegetables were wonderful, fresh and cooked to perfection with a hint of spices. We HAD to do dessert, after all, when do you really get to enjoy french pastries?! I had the flan and Kent had the napoleon.

While it was a pricey evening, it was worth every bit. There's something about a peaceful drive and excellent food that fills the belly and the soul!

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  1. I love when you talk about food. It makes me smile and it makes me hungry.