Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nearly a Year

When I have some extra time free, from little clambering bodies or endless demands, I like to sit and look through my old posts. I realized the other day that I'm not as frequent and regular about my posts. Sadly, I also take fewer pictures now than I use too and "Mommy-guilt" settles in that I'm not recording the moments of my daughters life as well as I would like. I suppose that's the trade off, being the guinea-pig child for high strung parents or having a little less ceremony but alot more sanity as a second child!

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since Keila was born. Just yesterday she began a proper knee crawl and with that added height she's begun to pull herself up on furniture. I love that she plays peek-a-boo and more than that, she understand games. She snatched a paper out of my hand the other day and teasingly I snatched it back. Pretty soon, between burst of giggles, she had a tug-of-war going with her winning when she finally head-butted me.

For her young age, she seems a bit of a clothes horse to me. She loves taking her outfits and rubbing it to her face and trying to put it on. It fascinates me that she takes such an interests and even show some favoritism for colors such as green. It certainly doesn't come from me (who hasn't a sense/care for fashion since high school) but it is obvious that my days of dressing her as I choose will be at an end soon I'm afraid.

She still adores Isaac but like me, is rather sensitive. I've watched moments when she tries to 'snuggle' up to him and is rebuff how hurt she is as she immediately pops her fingers into her mouth to soothe herself. She loves being held close and can still sit for an hour or two in your lap contently so long as she has your attention for most of that time. It's been sweet to have such a cuddle-bug and often helps to remind me to slow time and just be in the moment.

Music seems to keep her happy and a few weeks ago Isaac and I were making up a silly song about Keila-kalick-ka-lu-lu that has somehow stuck. In 3 weeks she will be a year old. How quickly time has passed with our Lu-Lu Love!

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