Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday dear Meeeee! Happy birthday to me! :0)

It was a wonderful day today with more hoopla than I'm accustom to but I learning to enjoy it. Keila thought to wish me a happy birthday first by waking at 5 am and refusing to go back to sleep. ;0) Kent and Isaac brought me a homemade card accompanied by 'tong-tong' (chocolate and Swedish fish .... definitely a toddler's gift!) a few hours later. The kiddos and I then went to the water park for a few hours of fun. I loved watching their interactions!

Kent came home with roses, a romantic way to start an evening and we went for dinner at the Melting Pot. For those who've never gone, it's an experience and their 'Big Night Out' dinners are changed every 6 months and never featured again. I love indulging in the cheese and chocolate ... pure gluttony at it's finest!

I thought the evening was complete but came home to find an Coldstone ice cream cake with candles and a group of close friends hiding to yell and enthusiastic 'surprise'. It was a wonderful day and at the end of it I jokingly asked Kent how he planned on topping it next year. He smiled and said, "Maybe we ought to go for a week cruise!" At this rate I can't wait until I'm 50! ;0)


  1. Yum, ice cream cake, and melting pot ohh la la! Happy Birthday! I LOVE birthdays, as I am unpacking I found all of the fun stuff I use to decorate for birthdays and right this moment Addy is taking ALL of it out of the box for me!!!How thoughtful...right! It sounds Like you had a picture perfect day!

  2. Happy Birthday! Kent's my hero and I will follow his example for my wife's bday! hahaha


  3. Hi flo! It's always great to hear from you and get to read through your blog and all your thoughts on life :) I know you better than most of Keith's cousins just because of your sweet blog. I loved Anne of Green Gables too and how fun to have a kindred spirit for Isaac now! And happy late birthday! Way to go Kent for making it special!