Friday, June 11, 2010

Kindred Spirits

I LOVED Anne (spelled with an E) of Green Gables growing up. I had all the books from her first introductions into Green Gables to her marriage to slate head Gilbert and all their subsequent children. The thing I loved the most about her was her ability to love and open up despite all the challenges she had. Something I'm afraid I have lost somewhat of as I've grown older and dare I say, more jade with life.

Having children though teaches one to trust again and hope for more. Isaac is more social that what is typical for his age and especially as a boy. He LOVES watching Caillou and longs to experience ALL of life as this little 4 year old character does. Most of all, he wanted a best friend and would often sigh and say, "Isaac has no best friend" as he watched Caillou and Leo play. I think he was looking for that kindred spirit that Anne always spoke about.

At long last he found it in a little boy named Tanner. We met up with them at swim class and the two of them hit it off. It makes his day when he knows he'll get to play with Tanner. They give hugs goodbye and during the week Isaac's sure to ask if Tanner lives very far and if we'll see him for the day. Like a cherry on the top, Courtney and I get along great as well and have has many play dates and outings already. We both find ourselves beaming as we watch our boys interact. It doesn't have the feeling of an older child that caters to a younger one, or bosses them around or teases them mercilessly. Isaac and Tanner are only months apart in age and their personalities are similar so that you hear that running dialog of a 2-3 year old as they plan out what to do - working as a team and having the joy of someone else that catches their same vision and imagination. It truly warms a mother's heart to see their child find that connection with someone else.

Here are the pictures of the two in their adventures together.

At the water park with Tanner giving a rather exuberant hug!

The following are at the science center.

This is my goofball son who figured out that he could set the computer to distort an image in a certain way and then he stuck out his tongue and moved around to create a goofy moving picture of himself. I can tell I'm going to be in trouble, this boy just might be the ultimate class clown and his mother, a former teacher will be pleading for patience (and mercy) from his teachers!

This is at Jump Street where they had a special section for 7yrs and younger with 2 large blow up toys with slides and a trampoline for the little guys.

If you look carefully Tanner's at the top waiting to come down. The two are never too far from each other.

The swim instructors have remarked that they are like brothers and one of the funniest classes to teach (I'm also sure one of the hardest!) Courtney and I just think of them as our two little stooges!

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