Monday, June 7, 2010

You Go Girl!

Keila is now early 10 months old and hasn't shown the slightest inclination to crawl. Being the worry wart that I am, I wondered if never crawling might result in developmental issues such as a lack of coordination, or insufficient neck strength or worse yet, an inability to understand the proper order of things from crawling ► walking ► running / numbers and letter / to the order of the universe! Yes, I know the latter was extreme, but when I worry I tend to worry about stupid things because worrying is stupid in and of itself. (Did that make any sense?) Not that it stops me from doing it.

So I began asking everyone and their dog for their opinion on the issue and ideas as to how to get her motivated to move. Leaving her on the floor only got me a screaming mad baby that would give me the third degree on the mistreating a darling child such as herself. We tried putting her on her hands and knees and moving her limbs which had similar results but the lecture was accompanied by a plaintive whimpering like puppy deprived of love. It was obvious these were 'less effective' techniques.

I finally hit upon inspiration today while looking at a friend's blog. The post was entitled "Why My Daughter Will Hold a Grudge" and featured videos where Dad held food just out of reach until his daughter would walk so he could get video footage of it. Food is ever a motivator for Isaac in our house so why not! The bait: Goldfish Crackers and Popsicles. The victim: a happy Keila newly waken from nap.

She crawled (really it was something using outstretched hands and pushing toes) for a good 10 feet and this being her very first time. Of course there was much whining, but one taste of the sweet sugary mess of a popsicle, she was hooked!

They keep moving! Argggg...

At long last! (and that's a comment from both of us!)

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