Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday Wishes

How wonderful it is to wake up first thing in the morning and KNOW that it is YOUR day just because you are special! Well that was Isaac. Normally slow to wake, his brown eyes popped wide open when I leaned over him and whispered a "Happy Birthday" in his ear. He sat up grinning and suppressed a yawn as he yelled, "yeah, it's MY birthday!"

I thought his first wish of the day would be the beloved pancakes, but instead he asked if I would play Frisbee with him in the backyard. How could I resist. After breakfast he got to play with his friend Lucy, who also has the same birthday as him. It was darling to see him open the door and yell, "Happy Birthday Lucy" and hear her reply with, "Happy Birthday Isaac." While they played, Lucy's mom and i decorated the cupcakes I made the night before. Darling aren't they?

Unfortunately his birthday landed on a day when Kent had to worry about Scouts so we weren't able to celebrate to the fullest. The following day had a joint cupcake party at playgroup and in the afternoon we had a little scavenger hunt for his 2 presents, one of which I'm extremely proud of. It's my first full quilting project from start to finish. My mitered corners were PERFECT! ;0) The other was another book for his Tag reader.

The birthday duo!

Finally we went to the Cheesecake Factory where a little boy gorged himself on nachos and had the thrill of being sung to while someone presented his own personal birthday dessert. The candle was his particular highlight since we couldn't seem to light them at the park with all the wind. He was so excited that they had to relight it mid song. Ironically the second time he couldn't seem to blow it out until numerous soggy attempts.

Can't you practically see the fountain getting ready to spout! I asked him what his birthday wish was for: "Tong, tong!" (candy) Oh to be young and so easily satisfied!

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  1. very VERY cute cupcakes!! I love cupcakes. :) And I'm also loving that quilt you made - totally impressed! I bet Isaac loves it!