Sunday, May 30, 2010

Once Upon Three Years Ago ...

In just 3 days my little boy will be 3 years old. It amazes me how quickly the time passes and how much he has changed.

His imagination has grown by leaps and bounds and often I find him chatting to himself using his two hands as different individuals to have a full on conversation. He's creative in so many ways. The old stands we once used for growing tomatoes on recently became Christmas trees to be decorated with leaves and shells from our trip to the beach.

Christmas in May!

His language ability was always advance for his age but I'm surprised at the concepts he now understands. Tonight he wanted Kent to go out back. We stood on the patio and Kent teased him and said, "We are in the outback!" and Isaac replied, "No, I want you to go out back-er". (My apologies to those who are grammatically ept - my son has a mother who speaks Ching-lish and will be doomed I'm afraid) He knows how to count, can say the ABCs and often recognizes them or builds them from his Legos. He can even sound out some of the letters he more familiar with. All too soon he'll be reading by himself and Mama hopes to make him into as much a book-addict as she is.

I'm also proud of his ability to verbalize his feelings rather than throw fits and tantrums. He made me laugh the other day when he was describing his feelings for Keila in his running dialog. "Sometimes I don't like Keila. Keila makes me mad. Most of the time I'm mad at Keila. But I still love her. It's so hard!" In this way he's wiser for his age than most adults!

Here we are enjoying our regular morning snuggle.

I'm so proud of him. He's a sweet sensitive boy, happy and bright at the core. I'm so grateful for his presence in our lives and particularly for the things he teaches me about living and love. My 'time and eternity' became fuller and more beautiful with a little soul born into our home only 3 years ago. Thank you Isaac!

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