Friday, May 21, 2010

Postdated Randomness

Random thoughts:

Isaac is such an incredibly animated boy - something quite like a cartoon especially when his eyes pop open and he grins ear to ear. You can practically hear the 'DING' sound when he lights up. He loves wearing his pj's and walks around barefoot, impervious to the rock and heat. Impish would be the word to describe him because no matter how much his energy exhausts you and how hard he pushes at the limits, he can always make you smile and laugh away the frustration.

Keila giving a dubious look as she's made to sit down in the grass for the very first time.

Keila is shyer with her smiles, often ducking her head as she gives them to strangers. Regardless of this, she expects to be loved, especially when she graces you with a grin. There is something that softens when she lays her head on her chest while she babbles away, pausing every so often to look up and check to see you're still listening. She truly is a sweetie heart!

I love seeing Kent holding or playing with the kids. When he's not too tired I admire how he's totally present with them and beams with a little more life. Keila LOVES dancing with him, especially the tango (is all about the dips! she's swept off her tiny feet!) and Isaac is his best sidekick.

What would my life be without all these 3? Sometimes it does seem like exacting amount of 'living' but as tired as I am at times, I'm grateful that I live life well!

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