Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boy Time

The annual Father and Son's Camp out or the Priesthood Commemoration Camp out came and went again this year. As usual, Isaac and I shopped for all the food long in advance. I was hard pressed to keep him from devouring the marshmallows and trail mix before the big day. Only the reminder that if he ate them now he would be fated to watch as others ate their smores by the campfire held him in check. He always gave a sassy, resigned, "Ooooo-kay" in reply accompanied by a little eye rolling. (I can't wait till he's a teenager!)

They had a wonderful time. Isaac played happily with the boys his age and even with the 11 and 12 year old. Apparently he'd chase them and zap them with his laser twig. Papa was smart and kept things simple by just stopping at McDonald's for dinner - a treat in itself for Isaac since we rarely if ever go there. Apparently that evening, once they'd settle down to sleep Isaac had many thoughts of the day. Kent said as he was drifting off Isaac would thank him for something (for dinner, snacks, setting up the tent, etc) and a few minutes later, would thank him again for something different. This went on for a while till Isaac finally said, "Baba, I love you SO much!" It was the emphatic 'SO' that just melts you like butter and you get that rich warm feeling that all the prep was more than worth it. Unfortunately Kent forgot the camera so the memories will have to live in the heart.

Brother Jim Stone did manage to catch one picture of the 2 together.

Keila and I went over to the Bakers for a girls night filled with nail polish and ringlets. While Keila was too young for the activities, it made me realize how much I look forward to when she is old enough to 'doll up' with her Mama and enjoy a girl's night.

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