Monday, May 24, 2010

Nine Months In and Out

Keila had her nine month appointment a few weeks ago. Its strange to think she's been with us the same amount of time that I was pregnant with her.

Keila's stats as of her nine month appointment are 28.25 inches putting her at the 76percentile and her weight is 16.3 oz which is the tenth percentile. The doctor was a little worried about her weight, especially given the fact that she isn't crawling yet which is when they tend to lose even more weight. To counter this, we've been feeding her more cheese and yogurt - not as if Keila really minds - and have been satisfied to see a deepening in her cute little folds.

She's begun to actively imitate us. Kent and I have had a cough of sorts for a few days and I caught her giggling and 'coughing' whenever I did it. It was charming and had the lady at the checkout counter oohing and ahhing about how smart she was. I tried to get her to then say 'Mama', she only grinned and proceeded to say 'Baba' insistently.

Much to our relief, whether it's due to the fact she's a second child or simply more content in a solitary state, she plays extremely well on her own. Pausing every once and a while to talk to you and wave her toy in the air. I love watching those chubby fingers at work!

She is truly a happy child and has little to complain of except when mealtimes roll around. She's taken to screaming in short bursts at you when food isn't given sufficiently quick or when she wants something different. This has me scrambling to point to one of the 3 veggies or fruits I give her, or her crackers, cereal and protein. For this reason I've already begun sign language with her. She does sign 'want' when she has the patience for it. Thankfully she has 7 teeth already which makes food prep so much easier. You just have to watch out for those choppers when you move food her way, she's a piranha!

She's peeking over the foot board to play with Isaac.

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