Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Don't Disregard the Mutterings

Isaac is at that age where he talks constantly - a play by play of every passing thought. His mutterings have become white noise for me and I find comfort in them because that means he's not into something he shouldn't be. Only recently have I really begun to listen to him.

We're trying to teach him reverence especially during sacrament which is nearly an impossible task. Thankfully he possess my love of reading which can hold him spell bound for almost and hour. One of his favorites are the Book of Mormon readers. So it was my turn today to have him sit on my lap and read about Lehi's vision of the tree of life.

I explained how the tree represented God's love and was white and sweet to the taste. We talked about the mist of darkness/ temptations that lead people away as well as the need to hold tightly to the rod to keep from being lost or falling into the rushing filthy waters that are nearby. He gazed at the pictures for a long time and I thought nothing more of it.

This afternoon, while enjoying an uncommonly cool day out in our backyard I heard him teach me the lesson he'd learn that day. He held with both hand a long yellow bat and was walking carefully in a straight line. He wanted me to play and told me to hold to the 'rod'. As we held and walked slowly I could hear him mutter, "hold tight, two hands, don't get lost when darkness comes." With great excitement he began yelling and jumping up and down, pointing to our orange tree, "Look Mama, the tree, look yummy sweet white fruit. Let's go Mama." Upon reaching our destination he pretended to pick some fruit and feed it to Keila and I with a hearty chomping noise. My heart was touched and I prayed a silent prayer that he would always remember the lesson from Lehi's dream and be just as diligent in leading those in his sphere of influence.

So in addition to the spiritual lesson I gained that day, I also learned that children are NEVER too young. The blessing of having these special souls has taught me more about the worth and potential in God's children than anything else.

The lesson retaught to Papa:

Enjoying the fruit together!