Friday, July 23, 2010

A Redeeming Day

You know you're having a bad day when your son is perceptive enough to say, "Mama, you're grouchy and mean today. You're mad and sad .... it's going to be a bad day." Unfortunately it's true. There are days when the well is running dry, anthills become mountains and everyone suffers around me. I wish I could pinpoint what exactly it is that makes those days happen. Sometimes it's not enough sleep, other times I'm just needing space to remember me, and then there are times when I swear it's just a little demon on my shoulder picking and picking at me. Thank heavens for forgiveness and repentance. Children are especially good at this, they don't let it hang on to ruin the rest of your day, they move on. I especially love that Isaac and I can be honest enough about our feelings that at the end of the day he's patting my shoulder and saying, "It's okay."

Then there are other days where it's the exact opposite. Not that everyone is super cooperative or happy (though that helps every mom) but that suddenly you're seeing things from their point of view, your patience is greater and you've found your missing sense of humor. Things just slide off your back and you play it as it comes. Again, no written formula or handbook, otherwise I'd be going by those rules like my life depended on it. Maybe the cartoons aren't too far off the mark, that angel and devil on opposing shoulders sure makes motherhood a roller coaster ride.

Thankfully today was a good day, (as opposed to the day before) and we woke up early to enjoy the cool of the morning at a park nearby. It was rather impromptu of me, we simply took the remainder of the zucchini bread as a breakfast and played for an hour or two. Keila loved the swings, Isaac looked for treasures and we roamed our 'castle' happily.

Keila attempted a slide for the very first time ... with much coaching from Isaac. Are all firstborns so bossy? (I think I'd rather not have my younger brothers answer that!)

I don't know how he can do this without making himself sick to the stomach!

I love her morning fly away hair.

I gave her the opportunity to explore this funky squishy pavement stuff without realizing how black it would make her legs. We had to take a bath as soon as we got home because it smeared all over my clothes too!

Keila loved that she could see Isaac below her and each time his face popped into view she's giggle like crazy!

Cute baby chubbys!

My little monkey!

So if I had a magic wand ... I would make every day like this one was. The reality is that I don't ... so if any of you out there do, (or at least have some pointers) please send some tips my way!

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