Friday, September 17, 2010


We have friends that describe children before they begin crawling as 'Lumpy' since all they are is a lump - albeit a cute one. It was an apt expression for Keila until recently and now she darts or her hands and knees to everything and everywhere.

Keila on Isaac's 'treasure box' where he keeps his underwear and shoes. Keila loves them - the shoes, not the underwear, but on occasion she does put those on her head too.

She gives kisses now and it's such a thrill when she begins to smack her lips and plants several in a row all wet and soppy on your cheek. She has also said her first word/words. I heard it one day when I was walking by Isaac's room where they were playing. It began in a firm tone, "Nao" and quickly became a plaintive pleading tone of, "Nao, nao, nao!" Isaac had apparently picked her up and set her down on a tipped over chair so her legs were stuck in the air. Frankly it was a rather amusing picture but I could understand her saying no. Since then she uses it whenever we tell her no as well as when she does want something - like Isaac taking away a toy. Why is it my kids can't make their first word Mama or Baba? Isaac's first word was "Amen" in Chinese, as if he always has the last say. My question now is if this is an indication of what is to come with Keila. Is it too early to say, "Help?!"

Being the girly girl she is, she wasn't too sure about playing in the wet sand.

Needing a little comfort after a not so happy encounter with big brother.

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