Saturday, September 18, 2010

Them's Good Apples!

Our research into organic meat around AZ lead us to a ranch just outside of Wickenberg that also had U-Pick apple orchards. Us city folks, just could not resist! Besides I was positive that the greens and browns would be a perfect backdrop for a few good family pictures.

The first of many, MANY samples!

My two men hard at work!

Keila was a big helper by picking all the apples on the ground and adding them to the box. I briefly convinced her to place them in her own box separate from ours, but when her offerings were not 'accepted' she decided to take our out of our box and place them in with hers. ;0)

Sampling yet again!

Kent does some really nice shots ...

This is one of the most endearing scenes. There's something about seeing your children willing serve and love one another that fills you with indescribable joy.

Sharing and enjoying the fruit of our labors - AGAIN! It was a wonderfully refreshing day full of memories and simple joys.

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