Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vaca Hang Overs

The hardest part about a vacation is getting back into the rhythm of things. Thank heavens we came back on a Friday so we could drag our feet through Saturday and Sunday to be ready in time for preschool tomorrow. We did manage to get out for a last bit of vacation fun. Kent and I took the kiddos to our old haunts ... the cheap dates of our years in pharmacy school. Pratts was a pet store I chanced into 6 years ago which has upgrade itself into a friendly petting zoo. Keila adores animals and giggle, ohhhh and ahhh-ed over anything that moved. Rooster, ducks, pigs, goats, rabbits a giant tortoise and birds in all shapes and sizes were there for our view pleasure. Afterwards we we to the end of the block to Cerretas, the AZ famous chocolate factory. We were lucky to go on a day when they had chocolate bears you could purchase and decorate for $5. Isaac had a blast and Kent and I were satisfied with the few goodies we bought for ourselves. Yes, it's last splurge before we clean out the gluttonous habits of the last week.

Don't ask me what he was trying to do when he decorated his bear. White chocolate 'glue' was generously applied and whatever did not end up in his stomach was haphazardly applied to the bear. But honestly, does it really matter? It's sugar and a little boy's happy wish fulfilled.

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