Sunday, November 28, 2010

Capturing Moments

These are random pictures of Isaac and Keila playing. I'm always told how quickly time passes and sometime when you're in the middle of it all and you're feeling a little worn at the constant demand, it's hard to imagine you'll miss it. But in the evenings when they're sleeping angel-like in bed, I look on the pictures and smile a little at the blessing of capturing this tiny moment for me to look back on. I love my 'babies'!

Isaac with his 'lasso' while we decorated after Thanksgiving. He is forever trying to rescue something!

This was a Saturday morning when Kent had some free time to build with his little man. Isaac was so proud of it and I suspect that they built something a little more lasting that day than just a castle.

Sleeping in total abandon!

They both adore their blankets and there's apparently something extra special about the edges of those things that they love to rub under their noses! This is them goofing off before bed.

It is not often that I set aside work first thing in the morning for a trip to the park, but I'm glad I did that morning. I needed a little persective for that day and they needed some time to enjoy the cool of AZ. I had tons of laundry to do that day (can you tell when Keila is in a tank top for winter? - she reminds me of something out of the 80's era) not to mention all the cleaning and housework. Somehow everything got done despite our little diversion. Balance!

I love it when the two of them snuggle. I hope and pray that they will always be close to each other and cherish the small comforts (like blankets and hugs from each other) that life offers them.

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  1. She is definitely putting out an 80s vibe there. They're beautiful.