Monday, November 1, 2010

Literary Adventures!

I love everything about Isaac's preschool! Not only is he learning his letters and numbers but he's making friends and learning how to get along and solve problems. His teacher, Mrs McMurry does great things for the kids and I'm always grateful for all her efforts. She brought back a stuffed killer whale from her 60mile walk for breast cancer in Seattle to her class. They named it Lovey (we're still not sure if Lovey is a he/she ... gender seems to change with the children) and each child can take it home for a few days, have some adventures with Lovey, take pictures and 'write' a story. It's been one of the best homework assignments ever! Isaac was determined to give Lovey the best time EVER and built her (Isaac insisted it was a 'she') a Lego car which I was told in story format latter, she took over a Lego mountain and back down again. They played peekaboo with Keila from a laundry basket and Lovey did flips on our bed.

I was told that Isaac stood proudly when his adventure was read to the class. Way to go bud!

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