Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Mischief

Since Keila is too young to decide her costume, I took my opportunity to turn my Keila-bug into a lady bug. The tulle was difficult to work with, but worth it since she looks like an absolute doll! Kent hates the fact that I got the stuff with sparkles, but I couldn't resist and I'm sure years from now we'll find the stuff in some odd unexpected place that will just bring a smile to my face as I remember her darling costume.

The following pictures were taken at our playgroup Halloween party, complete with cookie decorating and a ghost hunt. We took along a neighbor friend that Isaac and Keila adore.

Everyone was very happy to oblige me a picture as they sucked on their lollipops.

"Jack" for this year, 'tho Isaac insisted it's name was Keila. I suppose the grimace is similar to her when Isaac won't take no for an answer. Then again he's always naming everything (school pets and stuff animals) either Isaac or Keila.

I always love Isaac's picks for Halloween that make it an easy job to put together and keeps it cheap and practical. This year he chose Diego since he's forever 'rescuing' something, though typically not an animal - he doesn't seem to like them much as evidence by his relationship with Sunshine and any guinea pig he sees - but Keila makes for a great subject as does his Panda bear. We thought it'd be more fun it we made his rescue pack more than just for show, so we went to the thrift store and filled it with play binoculars, a magnifying glass, flashlight and lantern. It paid off since in the weeks before the big day he was already out in the backyard playing the part.

Isaac's preschool also got together a party and a parade. The kiddos are so cute! It was strangely hot that day and they were sweltering in their costumes.

Isaac's reaction when he finally spots me during the parade.

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  1. Great ladybug costume, Flo!!! Also, did I miss your triathlon?