Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Fly By Note

I don't know about you guys, but once it hits October the year seems to fly by on the wings of activities, parties, candy and good food till I'm left groaning into the New Year. Unfortunately in that time I tend to neglect the growth and change in my children until it's too late to recall who was doing exactly what and when. So since I have a moment, here's what's up with the little munchkins.

Isaac is in preschool and LOVIN' it. Before we started we were having more 'difficult moments' (by that I mean screaming and crying on both parts, his visibly, and me mentally). I think he was just bored and loves the social interaction and stimulus. At preschool he gets to cook at least once a week, paint pictures, dig to his heart's content (EVERYDAY) and sing songs and play games. I volunteer in his room once a week and it's fun for me to see how he's growing and learning. He can write the capital letter 'I' all by himself and can trace just about any letter you ask him to. He is also becoming a wonderful big brother. He loves to play with Keila (how can you not when she worships the ground he walks on) and he is always the Knight rescuing princess Keila (or panda if Keila happens to be napping) fighting off bad guys and becoming king. He has very definite ideas of what princess ought to look like and is constantly decking Keila out in various outfits and homemade crowns.

Isaac and Kent at Cabela's shooting light guns.

Keila is almost officially walking. She can take anywhere from 10-15 steps all on her own and is very proud of her own achievement. Should you give a helping hand when one is not wanted you will hear a fierce growl from her warning you that you have no right to take this glory from her! Aside from the little sign language she does, she speaks a few words: Mama, ball (more like BA!), Amun (amen in Chinese) and just recently Goh-goh (big brother in Chinese). She follows Isaac around like a little puppy dog and gets rather sad each morning he goes off to preschool. He is her best friend and role model.

Keila rearranging merchandise at Cabela's.

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