Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Frustrations in a Little Body

Keila has definitely reached that toddler stage where she feels she's big enough to take on the world but the world and her parents don't seem ready for her. She desperately wants to communicate (as evidenced by the myriad of sounds she issues as she points to various objects) but we obviously aren't fluent in 'Keilish'. She loves to have 'conversations' in quieter moments and surprised me by building a small tower today. 'Amen' is frequently heard during prayer especially when she thinks it's gone on long enough and is ready to wriggle off to play. It's fun to see her growing personality - really a big person in a little body - and to see how her growing independence influences her.

Finally a decent shot of her walking.

I miss the old cuddly and content baby Keila. Now her cuddly moments come when we read together and in random hugs as she walks by. I was glad that Kent was able to capture this one.

Keila the 'big girl' at Isaac's preschool meet the teacher night. She refused to be held and was adamant about having her own bag of popcorn that she could eat from on her own. Isaac was watchful of her and wanted to hold her hand everywhere she went. In some ways I can glimpse their relationship as they get older - the older brother who forever sees Keila as HIS 'baby sister' and an exasperated girl who secretly adores her overprotective big brother.

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