Thursday, October 21, 2010

The BEST Toys

It's funny to me how much of an effort we as parents go through to get 'good toys' for our kids. I remember for Isaac's first birthday we look at a bunch of stand and walk toys that might aide him in his first steps. He unwrapped the thing set it aside and proceeded to joyfully tear paper. We had to coax him to use it and in the end he never really touched it until recently when Keila wanted to play with it. Since that time I've kinda given up on finding the right toy and realized that the things they love the most are the things that look just like what Mom and Dad use.

Isaac digging a trench of sorts because he saw Baba doing it. As you might have guessed I issued a rather audible sigh when I saw him but what can you do? Count the blessing of it occupying him for a good hour, clean him in a warm bath and tell your husband he'd better finish the job tonight before Isaac takes on the home improvement project.

Keila putting on make-up. Both kiddos were enthralled with this hitherto forbidden item. It was a moment of desperation when I needed them well occupied so I could get ready for the million and one errands for the day.

Looking back, I suppose Isaac would have loved the stand and walk toy if he saw us using a walker .... Age diminishes the appeal of imitation though. Just today Isaac said as we got into the car from preschool, "Today was a CRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZY day!" When I asked him why he just sighed and shook his head. I wonder where that came from .... hmmmmmm. My prayer is that they will pick up my good points and be wise enough to discard the more manic ones!

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