Sunday, October 17, 2010

No Bling Needed Here

We went out to the AZ State Fair for good family fun. Despite all the big rides, games, shows and displays the thing that captures my son the most is a pile of sand, trucks and plenty of shovels and rakes. Is this not the epitome of childhood? The 'Bling' never really matters, in the end it is the simple joys. Thanks for the reminder bud!

It surprised me how he really knows how to use a shovel. Put this boy to work!

Isaac's getting good with holding a crayon right and often writes his favorite letter - "I" - I wonder why?! Notice the yellow bracelet around his wrist? He refuses to remove it because it was our band allowing us use of the facilities on our beach vacation. How he LOVES beach vacations.

Keila was a little overwhelmed with everything, but the rabbits were a familiar sight! She loved them, but was a little leery of the Flemish Giants, those 'bunnies' weighed as much as she and I'm pretty sure could kick the stuffing out of Isaac!

This is the only picture we've been able to capture of Keila walking on her own. The moment she sees the camera the stinker drops to her bum!

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  1. I LOVE that he is still wearing his wristband. That reminds me of a friend of Lauren's in her Kindergarten class last year. He got a wristband at the county fair for unlimited rides at the carnival. The fair was in Sept. and I swear he was still wearing that thing at Thanksgiving time. By then his Mom had duct taped it and everything.