Friday, November 5, 2010

This Motherhood Thing

Sometimes I feel as if the only thing I really do consistently is complain - about all the endless work, the crazy family schedule, the energy level of the kids, etc. But when I really stop to think about it, I'm blessed to be able to be at home without any huge financial strain. Yes, we're busy, but we enjoy what we do and we are lucky to be able to have so many rich experiences. The kids, it's always a bipolar feeling! They give me stress and so much work, but they are truly the beings that make me smile and enjoy life anew. It's just hard finding a way to vent without the venting steaming over and clouding the blessings I have. If I'm truly honest, my moods are often reflected in how my family behaves. Mama's crabby, well by the end of the day everyone is crabby. It's become a lot about finding balance filling my tank and knowing my limits so that we can still be efficient as a family and have a good time. I am grateful when I have (on very rare occasions) one of those days. The best part of it is that at the end of the day I'm able to say, "I can do this motherhood thing!"

The following pictures was of one of those days. We didn't have anywhere to rush too so I got breakfast ready while the kids played.

Sometimes those two really crack me up as I watch the 'power struggle' between them. Keila may be smaller, but she's not to be out done!

They love to eat outside on the picnic table and I love it because it saves me from needing to sweep as often!

Later that day we met up with a friend at a park where the 3 kiddos played happily for over 2 hours and ate a picnic lunch. I got great adult conversation time and once Keila went down for a long nap, had the energy to clean house while Isaac contently read books and cut up magazines. These are the days .... :0)

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