Sunday, January 9, 2011

All 'A Glitter and A' Glow

There is an annual event in Glendale, called the Glendale Glitter and Glow party. We chanced upon it one year when we had friends in town with us, but never went again until this year. After Christmas and all the lights have been blazing for a few weeks downtown Glendale, they bring in hot air balloons, heat them so they rise gently in the air and tether them town for the finale of the holiday festival. When we went with friends years ago, their son was totally in rapture over the hot air balloons. Isaac loves to see them from a distance, so we pulled ourselves together for a closer view.

There's a lot of heat when they fire up those balloons, enough that our cautious boy didn't want to chance standing inside one of the baskets. Despite that, I think he really enjoyed himself. Keila was content with the pastries that we brought along, being held and cuddled by one of us and then 'strolling' along as far as her cutie legs would take her. I love the area we live in!

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