Monday, January 17, 2011

Old Friends

I loved my college days! It was a time where I took the tools and skills that my parents taught me and went out on my own to figure 'me' out. Yes, college is about education, but more than just one for a career, for me it was alot about understanding myself, the things that bring me pleasure, a sense of accomplishment, my talents and limits. Most of all it was about how to create connections with people and in a greater sense, the world. I look back with great fondness for the friends of that time period and when I get the chance to see them again, I feel a sense of wonder for the pathways we've travelled and who we've become.

We had just such an opportunity the other night to see some friends whose wedding I attended just 10 years ago. On the drive out Isaac kept asking if it had been "lots of AGES ago" since I'd seen them. It sure did make me feel old and wonder why it is that children make the years fly by. Jonathan made us a wonderful dinner while Lori and I chatted about motherhood and our kids. Isaac had a blast with his new found friends, Darren and Sydney, and I heard him mention several times that they need to come to AZ to visit his house. They save our sanity - quite literally - by laundering the beloved Pei-pei that Keila threw up on the other evening. The spirit of their home was warm and unpretentious that made us feel right at home. And while these were my friends from college, Kent never once felt left out and enjoyed visiting and holding little Adian in his arms. It did make me wonder though if in the coming years, Isaac and Keila will be attending college with these children. Funny to think how a friendship from 'ages ago' can lead to others in the future. Here's to old friends!

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