Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days!

We LOVE Isaac's preschool! Just a few months before he started it, we were having a hard time with him. He seemed extra frustrated,irritable and bored. Before Keila came along, he and I would spend some time everyday doing something fun together or going somewhere for him to explore and play. Things got busier and it was more difficult to get out with conflicting schedules. Although he was only 3, preschool seemed just the ticket. Within a week he was a changed boy - happy and animated just like before.

Stepping Stones give him so much more than I could have offered, it's been well worth it. I get to volunteer there for a discount and like a fly on the wall watch my son as he learns, grows, interacts with friends and takes in life around him. He's growing a garden and flowers, had Parent/Teacher night, Dad night and now Snow days! They shipped in 5 tons of it for the kiddos to play on. While all the other children were building snowmen or sledding, Isaac, true to his nature was digging. I asked him if it was more fun digging in snow versus dirt and he shrugged his shoulders and said it was all fun, just more wet!

With all the snow out east, I keep wondering if we should ship him out there and someone could put this boy to work! ;0)

If it's not digging with a shovel, it's with a bulldozer!

Keila getting her first look at the white stuff.

Isaac's classmates and teacher.

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