Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day/Week

There is a major benefit to having a child in preschool ... Mother's Day turned into more of Mother's week and I enjoyed a giant peppermint heart, chocolate dipped strawberries and a darling craft from my little boy. Kent was a smart man and let me sleep in until 9am .... 9 AM!!! That's crazy for me, especially since I'm up at 6 the latest usually. I was very tired and if that wasn't a glorious enough gift, I got a massage from him too - TWICE!! The family conspired to get a card and flowers for me and we had a wonderful weekend together.

Obviously the chocolate dipped strawberry didn't last long enough for me to take a picture! ;0) I find it amusing that the peppermint heart has some teeth marks in it. I think Mrs. McMurry had a time of convincing some of the little ones that this was to be saved for Mom! LOL!

While I know at times this holiday bears both the best and worst thoughts, I've come to see it as a celebration of womanhood. The nurturing and love that we inherently share with one another that makes us feminine and divine. Isn't that what is truly a mother? So on this day I am grateful for all the women who have influenced me in my life for good, who have inspired me to be better and find joy in my role in God's plan. Here's to all women, all mothers!

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  1. I love the crafts and think it is so cute that the peppermint heart has teeth marks in it ;) You are such a wonderful mother and I am glad your family celebrated you!!! Love you girl.