Monday, May 2, 2011

Click Clack!

I remember being young and thrilled with my first pair of high heels. It's not so much that I was a girly girl, but rather I liked the idea of the sound they made as you entered on a hard floor. It was a subtle way to draw attention to the feminine. Something I think Keila has discovered and loves as well!

As she walks in them she giggles and says, "Click, clack!" Femininity is definitely inborn!


  1. can't believe she is soooooooooo big already! love the dress.......Cayleigh is way too girly for me already!! and I am NOT ready! hahah

  2. Clacking while entering a room - awesome. Clacking while going from the back of the classroom to the front and the back again to turn in your 8th grade science test in an otherwise silent room - a little less awesome. Tough lesson to learn. Keila is gorgeous, by the way.