Saturday, April 30, 2011

Teach the Children

Children are so close to the Spirit that I am often amazed at how much they comprehend. It's easy to think they are little and simple, but so many of them seem to have old souls and when the Spirit speaks, they truly listen. This was evidenced by the primary activity that Isaac had on Lehi's dream and the tree of life. We'd taught this to him before and even then he was captivated by the story and enacted himself. (see post Don't Disregard the Mutterings ) This time the primary taught it to them and they had the chance to truly hold to the rod to reach the tree of life. Isaac mentioned the mist and how there were people there telling him to let go, to go and play with them and I smiled as in all due seriousness he said, "But I didn't listen! Nope! I just keep going and don't say anything to them!" Apparently the 'fruit' was tied to a Christmas tree that they could pick and it was truly sweet to the taste. When he came home he had a matching game that helped to explain the symbolism that we played together. It was a beautiful thing for me to bear testimony once again of the truthfulness of Christ and his gospel.

I am profoundly grateful for the scriptures that teach us of these things. I am also so grateful for the parents and teachers who see the potential in our young children and are willing to go to great efforts to teach true principles with eternal significance. I know it is through these experiences and the quiet moments of testimony and scripture reading that will reinforce Christ's teachings and become a part of my children's lives.

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