Sunday, May 8, 2011

Second Tri

Last weekend I got the chance to do some bonding with the women in my ward. Through the initiative of some of the ladies, we got together and did our own triathlon. It was great! It didn't have the intensity of something you pay out the nose for, but there was definitely the camaraderie and unity of reaching for something that would make us better. The swim was in the apartment pool and was 400 m, the bike route was planned out and people chose to do anywhere form 10-12 miles. The run was also set out and we could choose from 2-3 miles. Volunteers came in the form of friends and husbands who laid out Gatorade, water, fruit, watched bikes and time us as well as took pictures. It nice to say that I've done more than one sprint triathlon and I think I'm beginning to consider doing one annually. Nutty, huh?! ;0)

The wind that day was absolutely KILLER!!! I've been running for years here now in AZ and I never had it blow that hard. In training I've only biked about 6 miles at most, but I chose to do 12 that day ... I swear I had a black and blue imprint on my rear for several days after!

The amazing and beautiful women who organized and did the event with me! Maria Bingham, Rayna Boyak, Sarah Allred, Nikki Waite, Camille Lister, Laurie Ball, Lyndsee Norlander.