Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another Year Gone - 2011

It is time yet again to bid farewell to another year. While we were greatly sadden at the loss of Kent's mom early in the year, we have also be blessed with much growth and love. Here is the latest and greatest on the Montierth family.

Kent spent the first part of the year happily strolling along in life with a good handle on his calling as a Scoutmaster and his job as a clinical pharmacist. It seems he was too content and the Lord gave him a nudge in another direction. Through the urgings of his boss, he applied for a management position over the staffing pharmacists in the hospital and got the job. We were told in advance that the individual in that position would moved into the clinical management job in 2-3 years time. As such Kent needed to obtain an MBA to qualify. So the last 2 months of the year has been spent at a much more frenetic pace as he works out the new responsibilities of this job, continues his position as a clinical pharmacist until it is filled by someone else and prepares to take MBA courses starting in August of 2012. See what happens when you're too content?! ;0)

As a wife and a mother, Flo takes all things in stride (albeit a crazy one!) and manages to juggle Isaac at preschool, volunteering at the preschool so Keila gets free playroom time, decorating Keila's bedroom, managing her calling at church as a visiting teaching coordinator, exercising and thus far completing 2 sprint triathlons. For the last few months she's been wearily holding up the pregnancy of the third child in her old age. ;0) She has only one real goal for 2012, and that is to simply keep her head above water with a husband working and doing an MBA, one child in kindergarten, one in preschool and a newborn. If there are no restrictions placed on the level of sanity need, then she feels confidant she will accomplish the task!

Isaac is in his second year of preschool. He has a sharp little mind and loves the interactions with his friends. With some daily urging from his mom, he's begun to sound out words and read a few books to Keila. His imaginative mind has busily creating all sorts of contraptions from anything that isn't nailed down and finds great pleasure in his newest toy - Lego's. They may have just earned themselves an advocate for life! He is a sensitive and responsible boy - a big helper around the house and will often get a wet rag wipe down doors, walls and floors whenever he sees his Mama is busy cleaning.

If there ever was a toddler moving fully into a young lady/princess, it is Keila. She is all about things that are feminine and beautiful. Having just put up a full lenght mirror in one of the bedrooms, Flo and Kent caught her admiring her reflection and even turning around to gaze at her backside! Apparently this is an inborn skill! Her chatter is all about what princesses do and do not do as well as lengthy conversations on wisdom that Isaac often imparts. She has a very lady-like way to getting your attention by simply placing her dimpled hand on your mouth and telling you, "Hush, hush!" She LOVES to dress up, color, paint and 'decorate' as well as play with her friends from the playroom.

Montierth #3 is due sometime in April. We do not know the gender of this child yet (rest assured we will keep you posted) but it will be unveiled at a small party in just a few days. We are all excited for this new addition and the adventures he/she will bring to our small family.

We are grateful for the many blessings of this last year and for all the friends and family that made it memorable. Here's to a new year and a clean slate with more joys to come!

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  1. You have such a beautiful family. I love reading your blog.