Friday, January 20, 2012

Barely 2012 And It's Crazy Already!

I once swore that I'd never do the long lists of pictures, a single sentence as text and call that a decent post. Unfortunately I may have to resort to that if I am to keep up this family journal. Ah, the things we do to stay afloat! ;0)

Life has been at a most frentic pace lately. Just in this last week alone we have barely had 3 hours together as a whole family. Between scouting, Kent's new job and just completing the bare minimum of his old position until it is filled - our dinner times have shifted an hour later and kids are put to bed right away. The evenings Kent spends in meetings, phone calls to arrange resident inteviews or just in paperwork and emails for scouting. To add to much of this, we finally got him in for a sleep study. As we suspected, he has sleep apnea and stops/slows his breathing as frequent as 15 times and hour. No wonder he and I were so exhausted as every 4 minutes he'd snort so loudly as to wake us. Apparently this isn't half as bad as in cases of extreme obesity - their oxygen levels fall so low and frequent (as in every 5 seconds!) that they never reach a state of deep sleep. We've suspected that Kent has had it all his life, but only the recent holiday weight gain has made it such that the snoring is so audible even with ear plugs that my complaints (and many nights on the livingroom couch! poor man!) have lead him to a doctor's visit. In this case, weight gain was very much a blessing! It will take a few more weeks before we'll get the CPAP, (continuous positive airway pressure) that will help insure he will sleep deeply and breath deeply through the night. I'm told by many people that it will make him a new man and me a happy wife! We're both extremely excited by this.

Another medical miracle we expereiced was that Keila and I had the "adventure" of being in a car accident just over a week ago today. I'm just so grateful that we were protected and no one was hurt on either side. I must admit that I was rushing to get back to pick up Isaac from preschool and went straight into an intersection on a yellow light. Either way, I was too close to the intersection and going to fast to stop in time. The other driver was turning left and hit the front side of my van which deployed the airbag. Somehow I was pushing back far enough with my arms that it never hit my belly. Montierth #3 was monitored at the hospital for a few hours and gave no anxiety other than his constant shifting that had the nurse a little annoyed at trying to find his heartbeat. Keila was unhurt, due mostly to the fact that the other driver was at such a low speed and in such a small vehicle. The only time she displayed any distress was at my initial response when I called out her name in fear and when the sirens sounded from the police and ambulance. the very next day she was chasing Isaac like nothing had ever happened. I only suffered bruises on my knuckles and palms as well as a sore spot on my rib (I'm sure it's the seatbelt) and the typical stiffness of whiplash. The irony of it all is that accident occured 7-8 miles away from home, but the other driver lives right around the corner from us, not even a 2 minute walk away. I was grateful to learn that neither he nor his coworkers were hurt beyond whiplash. Insurance stated that he was at fault, we hope that this won't be the cause of any un-neighborly feelings.

We're hoping things will get back to normal, or that we'll adjust to this new normal soon. Otherwise we are well and the kids keep up entertained with their antics. We found a new playplace which the kiddos love and will probably be a sanity line for me once the third little one is born and we are stuck indoors with the summer heat.

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Oh how this boy can get all tangled up, in more ways than one!

I love how Isaac looks out for Keila now without being asked. She has no fears of anything with her big brother by her side!

Isaac's preschool had their annual snow day. No big surprise, Isaac was digging yet again but when I asked him if he had fun, he just hemmed and hawed. Apparently sand is a much better medium to work with, it's warmer for one and provides treasures. Snow just give more snow!

Keila's first response, "COLD!!"

Monkey see big brother, monkey do.

The parting souvenir, a tiny snowball. She was rather sad it didn't last on the drive home and added her tears to the soppy mess in her lap. Farewell snowball!

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