Monday, January 16, 2012

Montierth #3 - It's A ....

I'll admit it, I'm a control freak of sorts. The funny thing is that having children teaches you how pointless it is and has given me a taste of the joy of spontaneity and surprise. The results are not always pleasurable, but I've learned I can adjust to the unexpected better than I thought and at other times, it's actually fun.

Given this new taste for the unexpected, (and the simple fact that we have stuff for either a boy or girl) I thought I'd try and convince Kent to not find out the gender of the baby until it was scream out it's lungs in the cold air and laid on my belly. It was a no go. Apparently he feels the connection to the child more when he knows what it is and can call it by it's name long before it's born. I was rather insistent though so we reached a compromise of sorts. We'd have the vital info sealed in and envelop for a while I'd enjoy speculating on the little life that shifted inside me for a few months. When we were ready (or when Kent could no longer stand the suspense) we'd set have a small party where our friend Shannon Baker would bake the answer to the gender in a cake - pink if it was a girl, blue if it was a boy. Having never liked the fuss of a baby shower and having everything I needed already, this seemed perfect for my taste - a way to celebrate with friends on a new life.

Unfortunately it backfired a little. Apparently the presence of the sealed envelope induced a strong sense of curiosity for everyone else EXCEPT us. We had felt like we were having a boy, but didn't know for sure and when others knew that the info was readily available, we were pestered at every turn for a date when all would be revealed. I know, I know, I set myself up for that one and so we finally set a date for Sunday Jan 15.

To my surprise, I was getting excited to know. It helped alot that Isaac kept coming up with all sorts of names and ideas of things he would teach his sibling, dependent on it's gender. (teach her to dress up and act like a princess or teach him to fight with a sword like a knight) Shannon knew a week in advance and would tease just a little to peak my curiosity while Kent was expressing relief in not needing a name for both genders. It was also the idea of having some of my closest friend present to enjoy the moment and share in some cake and ice cream. The following pictures say it all!

My dear friend,the engineer and creator of the beautiful cake.

Isaac was right in there, dying to know the answer ...

and it's a boy!!!

Now it's time for the name game!


  1. that last picture of you looking at the inside of the cake is priceless! congrats!!

  2. What a fun idea....glad it worked out well