Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good Eating, It Runs in the Veins

Growing up in a Chinese household makes living a lot about food - you always do it well, at least 3 times a day and there is plenty to go around. I'm still amazed at how my Mom managed to cook at least 2 dishes every evening along with a soup for dinner. Lunches were usually full on meals until we started school where there's not much you can do and packing a lunch is tedious, so Mom resorted to the now famous roast beef sandwich. It was the leftovers from a Sunday pot roast and it appeared 5 days a week in my lunch for 6 years of my life with such predictablilty that it was a daily joke with friends. It was the only time I didn't eat like a horse and to this day I'm leery of making a roast or having it in a sandwich!

So it should have make sense to me when Elias began not eating so much. He'd grumble in his cutie 'old man way', play with the nipple with his tongue and pull away when he'd only eaten 3-4 ounces. (He's up to 6 oz now) Kent suggested he was just plain bored with his food. The only reason we hadn't started solids was because his core muscles are not to a point where he can sit up on his own but we prop him up with pillows and fixed up his first meal of oatmeal. It's always fun to see a baby taste food for the first time and he was clearly excited at the prospect of something different.

Despite having a smaller mouth and the tongue protrusion, he picked it up quickly and chows down a good amount. Now he'll gladly drink his 4oz then eat his solids and wash it down with another ounce of milk. Here's hoping he'll start putting on some chub-chubs with this change in diet!

Here's a few more shots of him smiling, he really makes me work at getting a picture of it but it's so worth the effort!