Monday, August 20, 2012

Little Things I Love

Here are some random things I want to remember about my kids:

Elias is the only one in our family to be an outie. Keila is facinated with it for multiple reasons. First off it's got a perfect swirl to it so it looks like a tiny cinnamon bun. Second, it pokes out so much that I have to watch that she's not pinching and pulling it out further! Poor Elias, I wonder if he'll survive his siblings!

Keila has a very generous heart. Isaac has learned that when they argue over a toy, if he stops to say please kindly, she will almost always hand it over right away. One of her first stuffed animals that looks just like our friend's dog, Annie. In fact, they named it after her and for the longest time she slept with it. Their daughter, Stephanie, babysits the kids frequently and so when Annie passed away they were very concerned about how Stephanie would feel. Isaac suggested making a card but neither of them could draw a dog so the idea to just give 'Annie dog'. I have to say I was rather proud of her she handed it to them and said it was so they would remember 'Annie doggie'. She gave from her heart! This is her on a Sunday morning with her 'princess hair' and her 'Chinese princess dress'!

Isaac has a great imagination. Kent was telling of an incident the other day while they were outside working on the front lawn. Living so near the wash has often brought bug problems, in particular ants. Grumbling about the annoyance of having to set out 'ant poison' again, Isaac overheard and thought he'd be helpful. He 'talked' to the ants for a while and later pulled Kent aside to whisper to him. Seeing no one was around Kent asked what was up with the whispering, but at Isaac's insistance, he bent down to listen. Apparently he'd told the ants the poison was cheese, yummy cheese at that and he was pretty sure he had tricked them into taking it back to their home. Kent had a good chuckle over it. Here's Isaac playing tummy time with Elias. He loves to make the little guy laugh!

I love watching movies with my kids. It's not the movie I enjoy so much as watching their response, at this age their emotions are so transparent. They laugh uninhibited, Isaac will ball up his fist as we watches a bad guy get the upperhand, or Keila will turn and tell me how the bad guys 'is NOT nice!' and they both get emotional at the sad parts. Isaac is particularly prone to this, his eyes well up with tears, the sniffles start and if the sad part extends even longer, he begins to cry into your shoulder. At the most tense parts of movies Isaac can often be heard reassuring Keila that it will be alright. I wish I could capture it on camera and have tried many times but they either come out looking stoned or else I distract from the movie and they get irritated with me. This was a shot I managed just the other day.
See the stoned look! I love how Isaac moves in to put his arm around Keila in case she gets scared and how Keila leans toward Elias to snuggle him.

My 3 little angel hearts! They are more dear than words can say!

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  1. Those pictures are awesome. You are doing a fab job, mama.