Friday, August 10, 2012

Three Years Already!

Happy Birthday Keila Bug! I can't believe how quickly time flies. It wasn't all that long ago when she'd sit in my lap, content to watch the world. Often she'd tuck her head under my chin and snuggle in if she need a little extra reassurance. With a little encouragement and confidence she grown up into a darling little chatterbug, just as daring as big brother and holds her own nicely.

It amazes me how much she is her own little person from the get go. Coming from this fashion illiterate mother, she definately knows what she wants and how things ought to look like. She loves clothes, jewllery and painting her nails. In the years to come I'm sure to be taking fashion tips from her!

Keila loves to be all grown up which makes me a little sad sometimes (how did I lose that snuggle bug so quickly?) When Isaac is working on his ABCs, she'll pull out a piece of paper and work on 'homework' too! She loves drawing, projects and crafts. Her other great love is food and always want to help in the kitchen, it's become our way of spending special time together.

When she was asked what she wanted for her birthday she was rather adamant - chocolate and ice cream! That's my girl. So the evening of her birthday we went for chocolate fondue. We got lucky, Melting pot is doing a deal where if the temperatures are 112 or above at the Skyharbor Airport, they give a free cheese/chocolate fondue for 2 the following day. We did the cheese and paid for the chocolate and opened presents. Keila loved the experience and we had no problems being a part of it! ;0)
Her response to her princess lip gloss and nail polish.
Licking up every bit of the experience!
Getting a little help with blowing out the candles.

Of course there was cake at home later and the following day we went out to our favorite pet store, Pratt's to pet the ducklings, baby chicks, rabbits and turtles in our reach. After lunch she got her second wish and had an ice cream cone. It's funny to me how simple these things are and yet they are her greatest pleasures.
This picture courtesy of Emily Baker, awesome shot!

Happy Birthday my darling baby girl, I love you more than words can say!

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  1. 3! where did the time go? i know most people say their kids are cute, but seriously she is gorgeous! love those piggy tails!