Friday, September 7, 2012

Crazy But Good!

There are days where you're sure you've earn the most 'Agitated and Irritable Mother' award. Today was one of those days. While we wouldn't change having Elias for one second. There are things we wish were different. There is a long list of appointments we are alway making or running to and it has taken it's toll on the older two. Isaac does better than Keila but when they feel a little under recognized - and it tends to happen to both at once - the clamouring is deafening. We dropped off Isaac today at school and was headed to yet another appointment when Keila had one of those limp noodle fits. You know, the ones where they refuse to walk but you can't hold them either, just drag a body that appears lifeless with the exception of the screams issuing from the open mouth. A few ladies at the school took pity on me and tried to help and only got scratched or had sand thrown on them. Someone finally managed to pick her up from behind and hauled her to the van for me. Her screaming was too much and I turned around and spanked her twice. Undstand that this is a rarity for me. It wasn't a very hard but certainly enough to startle her into silence. We had just bought an ipad and I ahead loaded it with a movie and a few games for us to play while we waited at the doctors. It was my way of trying to make what little time I had with her 'special'. After she'd calm down for some time I pulled it out and managed to salvage the rest of the hour. But they were all tired and by the afternoon once I got Isaac home, we were at it again.

It's times like these that I try and remind myself how temporary this will all be. And while it's hard, it won't do permanent damage .... (at least I keep praying it will be so!) and deep down we all love each other. That's why I needed to record these two conversations, they warmed my heart after a difficult day.

We have a bedtime routine where Kent goes in to talk to them about their day and then I sing them a bedtime song of their choice. I usually leave with the words, "Love you always and forever ...." The other night I changed it and told Keila, "You know you're my bug-love always and forever." Her reply was "And you're my Mama always and forever. Love you!". How right she is and how very grateful I am for it!

Isaac said something wise to me after returning from preschool. I can no longer aide in his class anymore but have take on the position of the nursery coordinator so that I can stay with Elias and still get the discounted rate. I was asking about what he did in class and telling him how I missed being here and watching him learn and play with his friends. He sighed and said he missed me too but, "Life is life". I smiled and asked if it was a good thing and he replied, Yes, but it doesn't, mean I don't miss you. It was the sweetest thing for me to hear. He's growing up in so many ways.
Hmmm... peas!

Elias is doing well. He's now all of 14 lbs and smiles bunches for me! He such a happy child and very chill about almost everything. Note the 'almost'. The other night Kent tried to feed him his bottle and he refused it. We thought he wasn't hungry so Kent laided him down to sleep. You wouldn't believe the screaming you heard coming from his little body. So after a few minutes, I picked him up and guess who started grinning. Then he began his sucking motion with his lips, typically a signal that he's hungry. He downed the 5 oz without a complainted and went right to sleep. Apparently the nighttime bottle is a Mama thing only. What a stinker! If you watch Phineas and Ferb you'll know what Cutonium is. Elias is pure Cutonium, lethal and irresistable. What his Cuteness wants, he gets! How I love these little guys, life is crazy but good!


  1. It's great to hear how you are doing. You are a wonderful mom and sometime we make mistakes also. But I do hope my little ones will forget and forgive. Remember how much we love them.

    Pray for you that this short phase will pass and tomorrow will be always better for you and your family.


  2. you have sweet kids :) what tender mercies those words are! Don't your therapy appointments come to your house? If it makes you feel better Hayden rarely goes to the doctor any more. Only for annual follow ups with his doctors :)