Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stepping Stones Preschool - A Second Home

Another school year has come again. We were hoping to get Keila into her own class this year but we weren't sure on how the potty training would go so we held off. She's on a wait list for it, in the meantime whenever I'm working in the nursery she gets time with Mrs Thompson who she had last year.

I was a little sad this picture came out fuzzy, but it was a sweet shot for just a split second.

Isaac has Mrs Crabb this year and she's wonderful. For some reason he's blossomed in the department of arts and crafts. Perhaps it was all the summer projects I bought from Micheals to keep him occupied. Anyhow, he loves her and has already 'gifted' a picture or two to her. She told me he has the feel of a little engineer, always working with his hands to create.

We're so glad to be at Stepping Stones again. It feels like a second home and we've come to love everybody that we work with there. Hooray for another school year!

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