Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day in Tucson

I have sturggled with being blue and lonely these last few weeks with all the preterm labor. Thankfully the meds are helping to keep things in check and since Kent was required to take Labor Day off (we try and bank as many days possible with baby 4 on the way) I was desperate for a change in scenery. Tiffany and Darin Law hark back to our days in Albuquerque and through the years we've managed visit on and off. They belong to that group of classic friends, the news where no matter the changes or passage of time we can always get together again and pick up like we never left each other. Since the last time we saw them was back just after Eli was born, it was long overdue, we booked a hotel and headed out for three days.

Isaac has developed an obsession with rocks and minerals and apparently Tucson is well known for its Gem and Mineral shows. It was his dream come true to visit this shop out near old Tucson where his $5 budget was well met by a generous shop owner who filled the kiddos hearts and hands with agates. Isaac hopes to make a chime with his. Although Old Tucson was closed we stopped by the gift shop for a little fun.

After lunch and a little shopping we met up with the Law girls for a swim. It was funny how Isaac could not remember their last name until he hit upon the fact it was synonymous with 'rules'. Thereafter the Laws became the Rules and they official ruled! We had a lovely dinner later that evening where we chatted up old times.

Sometimes it is the simplest things when good friends get together. Food, some toys for kids, old memories to relive and new ones made - it was a perfect sunday!

On our way out the following day we took their advice to stop in at the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch for some animal fun. Keila was n heaven being able to feed and pet so many animals. Isaac was cautious around the more aggressive ones but he enjoyed feeding the deer by hand and Eli was filled with wonder. He giggled with delight when the goats ate from his hand and since then he goes daily to the cupboards to grab a treat to feed out pet rabbit, Sunshine. He finally is grasping what we mean when we say animal noises and I hope his learning to mimic them will help his speech along. The Lorakeets were our favorite animal by far!

It was a great impromptu trip. We hope to see the Laws soon again and if not, it'll just be an excuse to repeat this last trip!

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