Sunday, August 31, 2014

32 Weeks

So we've reached the 32 week mark and its been eventful/ non eventful depending on how you look at it. Preterm contractions started three weeks ago and have been particularly bad in the evenings so I moved to partial bed rest which means I sit - and sit, and sit for much of the day (hence the uneventful part)it's a hard thing for me to do. My sanity as a mother is found in exercising, getting outta least once in the day so I can see other people besides my little ones. With both these outlets closed to me I found I had a few emotional days that was beginning to take its toll on the whole family. In addition baby girl keeps dropping which means sciatic pain and poor circulation with daily leg cramps.

Mothers really are a barometer for the family and I realized that if I could not find a way of releasing the building pressure, it would be hard on everyone. So kent and I agreed to take acetaminophen and Niphedipine as needed, one day I would spend slowly doing the things I use to do (grocery shopping, cooking, library runs, etc) and then the following two days would be spent in the quiet of home with my feet up. It's really helped me to feel a lot more positive and we are all much happier as a family.

We recently had an ultrasound of Baby Girl. She's strong and from measurements about in the 60th percentile in size and weight. We've never had much luck with the 3D ultrasounds. All the kiddos hide their faces from us and baby 4 wasn't any different. She had her face smushed into the placenta using like a pillow. It made kent and I laugh, it explains why all our kids love doing that when they sleep, blankets pressed up to their noses as they're rub cheeks into the softness. When the ultrasound tech heard this was our fourth, she was determined to get a face shot for us and had me changing all sorts of positions and jiggling things around. Little girl was not pleased and kicked feet and arms in protest but she did finally turn her head and this is what we got!

It's so fun to see her little face. Not too much longer, another 4 weeks and baby girl will be safe to come!

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